Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers



This is my first sale.  Where do I start?


The best place to start is on the First Time Sellers Page.  There you'll find a wealth of information about what to sell and how to sell it and you will find many answers to your questions there.


What items can I sell?


Almost anything for baby and kid!


Children's clothing, shoes and accessories from infant to size 16.  Dance clothes and costumes.  Maternity clothes.


Gear including strollers, car seats, high chairs, nursing pillows, feeding and bathing essentials, diapering essentials, diaper bags, baby carriers, health and safety items.


Toys of all kinds, books, DVDs, bikes and other ride-on toys, outdoor toys, easels, train tables, doll houses, play kitchens, dress-up.


Children's furniture and decor.


Please refer to the Sellers Guide for specific instructions on how to prepare and sell different types of items.  



What items can't I sell?


We can't accept cribs or breast pumps or pumping accessories.


We can't accept any recalled items.  Older model Bumbo chairs can only be sold if they include the restraint belt kit.


Please refer to the Sellers Guide for additional information.  



Where can I find hangers for my clothing items?


Please use only plastic hangers for your clothing items - no wire hangers.  Please use only child-sized hangers for your infant and child clothing.


Hangers may be purchased - Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and similar stores often have them available relatively cheaply.


You can also ask at the customer service desks of stores like Target, Old Navy, Wamart, etc - they often have hangers available for free.


Facebook users can post to the Twice Loved Sellers Facebook Group Page to see if any sellers have any extra hangers.  APOM members can also post to the APOM - Members Only Facebook page to ask if any previous sellers have hangers they are ready to pass along.


The sales committee also tries to collect extra hangers after the sale.  We will make an announcement if there are any hangers available for the next sale and when you can collect them.


Be sure to label all your hangers with your seller number.  This is how we get them back to you.  You can either write your number directly on the hanger using a Sharpie or attach a label.  Please also plan to bring at least one plastic bin labelled with your seller number to the sale.  We will use the bins during the sale - clear bins are especially helpful for displaying items - and will we use the bins to collect your hangers after the sale.



I'm a returning seller.  Do I have to re-enter and re-tag all my unsold items from previous sales?


No!  Just go to MyCM and transfer the items that you wish to sell again.  Be sure to check all your items to make sure their tags are still in good condition and securly attached.  Excessive wear on tags is a common reason that tags do not scan, and you will be charged a penalty if too many of your tags (> 10) must be entered manually.